Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My New Companion- September 29, 2014

Hola Erryone!

so this week has gone by sooooo fast i cant even tell you! its been good, but its been tough! but mostly good! haha so after i emailed you all last monday, WE WENT TO THE ZOO!!!!!! I LOVE THE ZOO!!!!! haha it was great and i saw so many animals (imagine that) untill it started DOWN PORING! for realz it looked like i just jumped into a pool! haha but it was fun! 

so you are all probably wondering why i have a new companion... well this friday hermana Jaeger went home (because she was done with her mish not because she did anything wrong) and so now we have her old companion! haha so now we are a TRIO!!! ITS SO FUN!!!! i love it! her name is hermana Beltran! she is so tiny and really good at spanish! we get to be with her for the rest of this transfer but then she will have to go:( but its so awesome! oh and a few months ago she got hit by a car on her bike (see it really does happen so keep praying for me) and so we get a car! but i really miss my bike!!!! haha 

well this week has been really good! it has helped me realized how blessed i am and how compared to other people my struggles are NOTHING!  but i know that this gospel can help any problem and im seeing it first hand! the teachings of this gospel are helping people who have had the worst trials thrown at them, i know with all my heart that this church is true and is the source of true happiness and everlasting joy! im so happy to be able to share this message of love and hope with the people here in houston and im so greatful for all of your love and support at home! love you all so much! have a great week! les quiero mucho! bye!

- Love Hermana Ihrke 

So lucky I get to see this view everyday! I should be an advertising photographer! 

Its not called hair cut, its called hair changes!

Hna Beltron, Me, Hna Allen

The Zoo crew!

Raining buckets on us!

No caption needed 

he said he would get baptized sunday !!! so excited for him!!!!

I will have a pet monkey someday!

We mustache you a question? 


hanging with the homies!