Monday, September 8, 2014

I Saved a Life- September 8, 2014


oh my gosh you guys! this week has been sooo crazy!!!! but its been so fun! I honestly am loving it here in Texas, the humidity and everything! life here is great!

So this week has been really crazy and I don't have enough time to tell ya everything that happened but ill try to tell the best things:) So there is this man named Alfonso who is a recent convert to the church, he has one leg and has really bed diabetes. he is the sweetest man ive ever met!  So on Saturday we were supposed to visit him and see if he needed us to help him out with anything, when we went he never come to the door so we just figured he forgot. so we went to a bunch of other peoples houses and no one was home, which is weird cause it was Saturday! but then I got this feeling that we should go back to Cancun (the apartment complex where Alfonso lives). About a min after we got there we got a phone call from Alfonso saying that he needed help that he couldn't get up. it was so scary cause he was slurring his words and he was repeating things like his mind was not right. So we ran to his apartment but his door was locked. He called again saying that he really needed help, so we called 911! IVE NEVER CALLED 911 BEFORE!!!! it was crazy! so then when the ambulance got there they tried to break down the door but it wouldn't break down! then this little Mexican guy passed by opened up the window and left! ( It was pretty funny) When the paramedic people got inside they could only speak English and alfonso only speaks Spanish so we had to translate! it was pretty cray! haha but yeah he is good now and we just need to make sure he is getting enough to eat and stuff! GOOD THING WE WERE THERE  cause the paramedic guy said if we weren't here when we were, Alfonso wouldn't be alive right now!

One of the paramedic guys was talking to me and my comp, and he said "I hope you guys aren't around here at night" and we both looked at eachother and said that we are out here until about 9:30. Then all 20 of the parimetic guys in the room looked at us in shock! "You do know that this is Wirt road right! yall shouldn't be out here!" so I guess the area that we are in has a really bad rep, even with the police people... it kinda freaked me out, but I got over it! haha

The last thing that ill tell you guys about was this family that we met! oh my gosh! this family is the sweetest family ever! its a weird story about how we met them, lets just say that there was a lot of alcohol involved and some really drunk people... haha (which is how we meet a lot of people out here) haha anyway... we have been teaching these kids, Daniel who is 17, Maria 14, Jesse 14, Adrian 12, Sarah 9, Cindy 7, there grandma passed away a few weeks ago so they wasnted to know where she was so we taught them about the plan of salvation and they were soo excited!!!!  we visit them almost everyday and they all came to church this week!! there are 6 of them but they brought 2 friends too!!! they are the cutest sweetest kids ever!!!! im so excited for them! they love church and they are excited to go back next week! they are all planning on getting baptized soon! its so exciting! I cant wait to tell you more next week! I love you all so much! and Hope you are all having the best week ever! love you! bye

-Hermana Ihrke

 Sorry this is sideways! But this is my companion and I! 

Holding a baby lizard. 

Selfies in the mirrors. 

 Its a bus truck... I will own one someday!

This ride though...

 More sideways selfies! 


With the girls at walmart... she couldnt see over the wall!

Dont know what this meat is, but it was good!