Monday, March 30, 2015

HOUSTON 2 3/30/2015


Oh My Gosh you guys this week has been unreal!!!!!!

So last monday we went to the zoo!!! It was the best of the best! And guess what, I'm going again with my new crew today!!! How lucky am I???

Last Monday I also got my face smashed in a cake.... it was so sad to say good bye to everyone!!! litterally it was harder than leaving my family at home (sorry fam) but honestly I love them sooo much and I can't wait to see them when they come to visit me:) haha 

Oh and big BIRTHDAY shout out to HNA Johnson!!!

Then on Wednesday I had to say good bye to my cute english class... and we were balling! It was so hard to say good bye! But I know I'll see them all again!  Then we got empenadas for my last time! They were soooo good!  We were being stalked bye some guy! Litterally he was following us in his car asking us for our number so I just wrote down the elders number on a pass along card and gave it to him!  haha 

Then I was transfered!!! iI'm in Houston 2 and it is awesome!!!! My comp hermana Wood is SO GREAT!!!!! We get along soooo well!!!! I'm so excited!!! 

There are some awesome investigators here and we are going to have a baptism really soon! I'm so excited to be here and I can't wait to meet everyone!!! 

well I need to go! This week has been great! I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!!! 

-Hermana Ihrke

PS If y'all wanna write me my address is: 

602 Eldridge rd. 
sugarland tx 77478

love you all so much! ttyl!
​BYE JESS y YOBANI!!! love you! I love BBQ too!!!

LOOK MOM! I'm serving where you did!


Saying bye is the worst! 


​love you Jose y Zusi!!!

NORMA and CHARLEEN!!! They are awesome! Miss them!


Hard goodbyes to the english class:(

Casually pumping up a car tire with a bike pump! haha nbd!


​GOOD BYE!!!! Mordida!!!

Caught off guard! haha

Sandra and Blanca and Kenya and Christofer!

CHEESE CAKE FACTORY!!!!! Happy b-day Hna Johnson!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello:) Happy spring!!!! 

So this week has been crazy!!! It's been so much fun!!!! 

Last monday WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! Oh my gosh you guys, we went to this family home evening at this new couple in our ward's apartment/penthouse thing and let me tell you it was unreal! There was this cool hang out place on the roof and we had a BBQ and it was really fun! The lights from the top of the building made me the happiest person alive! CITY LIGHTS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!! 

Then on Wednesday we volunteered to help plant/weed at memorial park! It was the most beautiful day! The sun was out and we were just soo happy!! AND I GOT TO WEAR PANTS!

Then on Saturday we spent some time with Hermana Potter, she is a lady in our ward who has cancer and she is the sweetest lady ever! She was talking about how much she liked red roses so me and Hermana Johnson decided we would surprise her by going to buy some for her! The best decision I've ever made in my life!!! I've never seen anyone smile as big as she did! That was one of the best moments of my mission! 

Then we helped out a lady who has a seriously large amount of stuff in her house!!! Like horders burried alive! So we tried to help clean some of it out... it'll be an ongoing project:) haha its cool to do that stuff because, when we found huge rolls of 100ds, she got a huge smile on her face and said "I've been looking for that!" I'm so glad we could be there to help her! haha 

So much more happened this week but I have no time cause it's Hna Johnsons b-day and we are going to the ZOO!!!!! woohoo!!! 

Oh and I got a call this morning saying I'm going to get transfered this Wednesday! So don't send me anything to my apt. Love you all so much! SERVING A MISSION IS UNREAL! EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT!
 haha love you! 

-Hermana Ihrke
FHE on the roof top!!!!!




La ​Hermana Tapia! 

​My girl KENYA!!! What a stunna'

So trippy!!!

​Best family night eva!

SANDRA!!! She's so awesome!!!

Yup they are the best!

The gangsta lyf is the lyf 4 me haha!!!!

I love sunny dayzzz

​We had too much fun!!! 


​CALL ME MAYBE! trying to get people to come to church is AWESOME!!!

Hermana Potter when she got the roses!! SO Happy!!!

This guy is the best!!!

Gonna miss this crew!!!

​Love these girls!!!!!!

These kids got talent!!! Matthew and Justin! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy 8 Months!!! 3/16/2015

Hi All

I can't even believe I've been out here for 8 months! That seems UNREAL! 

This week was really good we met a lot of good people:) I love meeting new people! It's the best! Well I don't really have much to say about this week, so I'm gonna just leave it at that:) I hope everyone has a great week!  I love you, Jesus loves you, and God loves you, so just remember that your loved! haha byeee!

-Hermana Ihrke

EMPANADAS!!!!!!! They are the best!!!! This was from 2 hours ago! #livetweet

Love these girls!!!!

English class party!!

FHE With the family!!!

After church photo shoot!



Just the life of a missionary!

KENYA!!! and her creepy doll who she says looks like me.... awk!
On the roof???????

These Girls really know how to cook :)
Tiny mouth