Monday, January 26, 2015

English Class! 1/26/2015


So here is my update of the week:

-We taught our first class this week! It was unreal!!! Everyone is so sweet and they are already learning so fast! We have the biggest class of ESL students. Its bigger than any of the other ESL classes in the district! Its gonna be awesome! And a lot of the students want to make it a 2 hour class instead of 1 hour haha so awesome! 

-We went to a Pentecostal church! haha we have an investigator named Johnathan and he preaches at the Pentecostal church, so we told him that if we went to his church he has to come to ours! haha so we did and it was awesome!!!! I love different religions! Its so interesting! but I still know that this( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is the true church:) and he came to our church and he was loving it!  (how could you not?) 

-We had a baptism in Arabic!! It was amazing!!! Zayneb got baptized yesterday and she is unbelievable! I will learn Arabic when I get home! The service was amazing and the spirit was so strong! And her husband will be getting baptized next week! ( cool story: the husband, Tariq, has been smoking sense he was 4 years old! and he quit last week!!! so amazing how this gospel can change peoples lives!)

This week has been awesome! I hope you all are having a great week! and Ill talk to you next week! Love ya

-Hermana ihrke
Heres Johnathan! We are at his church! look at the sick drum set in the background! It was a serious jam sesh! 


Houston 1 District! 

The Homies!

This is our new mission car... lol jk i wish

Hanging out with friends at church :)

​love you have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Jan 20 2015

Ok.. this week has been so crazy I dont even have a title for it!!! 

So I've been at the car impound all morning! lame! We got our car towed last night:( I dont wanna say I told you so... haha jk Hna Johnson:) but luckly I knew some people and we were able to work it out so we didn't have to pay ;) lol

So right after I emailed yall last Monday I got 2 marriage proposals AND we got called to teach ENGLISH at the local middle school! I am so so so so so excited to start teaching english! it's kinda a big deal, we are the very first ones to start doing it in our mission and we could either make it or break it... no pressure right? we will be teaching 2x a week wednesdays and fridays for an hour:) I'm kinda scared cause I'm not even good at english, so how am I supposed to teach it??? but I'm SUPER EXCITED!!! We start officially teaching tomorrow so please pray for me! haha 

We found out this week that other missionaries from the other mission have been "Hopping the border" (mission borders) and they have been teaching people in our area (for those of you who don't know that's kinda a big rule your not supposed to break)... haha funny right? We are figuring it out... we actually met them this week! We will be working with them with the english class stuff... awk! 

I have lived in 2 different apartments this week and I have had 3 different cars... sadly we no longer have our mini van but we do have a 2014 toyota corolla... its kinda sick:) and also our new apt smells like weed... not so sick :( 

Oh and yesterday a random dog jumped in our car and wouldn't get out.... that was sketch:) haha but funny 

There is alot more stuff but honestly don't have time to write it all down:) love you all sooo much and I hope you all had the best MLK day eva!!! 

les quiero! 
Hermana Ihrke

ps heres my new address if you have time to write me (or even better to send me a package) haha lol jk but really tho...

2430 hacket apt #67 
Houston TX 77008
Baptism after party!
Missionaries from the other mission!
These too are the best! The one on the right (Zayneb) only speaks arabic! She's getting baptized this sunday! and Rey on the left is my bff!!!
This kid got baptized this sunday! what a stud!
Moving stuff the SMART way... #myidea
This is how much we were supposed to pay : $162.50 
This is how much we ended up paying: $000.00 ;)

Selfies with my boy Wilver! what a gem!
Do we look happy to be here.... cause we're not #gottowed

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Street Art 1/12/15

Hola y buenos dias amigos!

This week has been off the hook! haha this week we have had a lot of awesome experiences and there have been a lot of changes! and IT HAS BEEN FREEZING!!!! I literally have been wearing 4 pairs of fleece leggings a minimum of 6 long sleeve shirts and my jacket that makes me look like a walking marsh mellow! I seriously look like I'm getting ready for the next ice age, but I dont care! as long as I'm warm:) haha 

Sad news... Nayeli moved:( I'm super sad about it but I know it will be for the best! Because now she is going back to school and she will be so much happier! but I'm gonna miss her like crazy! 

Good news...we found a guy named Elvis! haha and he speaks spanish! I don't know why but thinking about his name makes me so happy! haha and get this, his dads name is Elvis too!!! hahaIi dont know why I think its funny, but I do:) haha

So this week we had a cool experience, I really wanted to take pictures of this cool street art place, and I still don't know if it was a spiritual prompting or if it was just me wanting to go take pics(probably the last one)...but when we got there we saw JOEL! haha he was just chillin with his homies out side of this night club place! WE HAVE SERIOUSLY BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS GUY FOR LIKE 6 STRAIT WEEKS!! no joke! and we found him! and we had the opportunity to talk to his crew about JC! haha it was really cool, and the fact that all of this took place outside of a night club made it even that much better! 

Oh and best part of my week was that someone asked me if I was part hispanic, because my accent was so good! Who cares if he was drunk!  Best compliment eva! 

Alright ya'll I hope you have a great week! I love you all so much! 

les quiero mucho :)

-Hermana ihrke 
or as the Hispanics pronounce it,
-Hermana Enrique
​Joel can't hide from us!


​Stoplight selfies

Alex! What a champ!

​Shout out to Tomas getting his mish call! so excited to see where your gonna go:)

Stake conference:) #lotsofchanges!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Happy new year everyone!!!! I hope your new year was the best! cause mine sure was:) haha but really I slept through new years... I was so tired!!!! We have been sooo busy! We are now in charge of two areas and I think it might be one of the biggest areas in the mission right now. There aren't enough sister missionaries so they are expanding the areas! It's so crazy! But sooo fun!!! 

i don't really have alot to say about this week... crazy right! and I don't even have that many pictures cause we have been sooo busy! but I promise next weeks email will be way better and the pics will be prime:) love you all so much! have a great week and set good new years goals:) haha byeee

-Hermana Ihrke
​Me and my hommie EDDIE-COLE! he will be famous one day:)

Hna Hull, Kiko, Me, post church chillin