Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The People You Meet on the Mission- September 22, 2014


OH MY GOSH THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAY!!! haha in a good way:) i have meet so many people this week its crazy, some old and new faces! and some were great experiences and some were not so great but thats ok! haha 

This week i got to go on exchanges and the ward that i was in happened to be the same ward as my girl Kelly Nichols sister Kerrin! (sorry if im spelling names wrong, yall know spelling aint my strong suit) haha anyway kerrin heard that i was going to be in her area and so she came out to teach with us!!! HOW COOL IS THAT! we had such a great time! Then the next day i was sitting on the steps at the church and a young mom comes up to me and asked me if i knew Summer Willis! haha and i guess she is neds (summers boys) sister in law! so funny connections in the church is crazy! love it! and then i met TRAVIS.... 

ok so travis, i dont even know where to start with him... so me and hermana allen were walking to the store and this guy was just walking toward us and threw up a peace sign. He was wearing a tie dye headband and a bro tank and looked like he was in his early 20s. anyway he comes up to us and starts telling us about this "walk" hes been on to find his life, find god, and help others find god. I dont even know... and then he starts talking about how he lied in court with his hand on the bible, and how people are after him... ok so after about 40 min of talking about this guys crazy life he says " i dont know if you guys can tell but i have done a lot of drugs." (we were thinking "NO DUH") haha but we didnt say anything and then he said something about the drugs making him have a sick set of abs and he almost showed us.. but i handed him a book of mormon just as he was about to life up his shirt, he looked at it and started to cry. He looked at me and said "you are an angel, god sent you here for me, and i will never forget you" I was trying so hard not to laugh, i probably looked constipated because i was literally peeing my pants... then he asked for our numbers and facebook names and stuff and we asked why he needed it, and he said "i need to be able to find you guys when i start my own church, i only invite people i trust, and i trust you" oh my gosh! he said so much more stuff but i cant even remember... it was like an hour and a half long convo! i was dying!!!!!!! then we took some pics with him and he got really paranoid that someone was after him so he took off!!! best conversation of my life!!!! 

Ive had some really good food this week too, i had the BEST CHURRO OF MY LIFE!!!  and the best pasoli ive ever tasted! haha i love mexican food!!!! 

oh and i had to talk at a baptism yesterday... IN SPANISH! but it went well:) haha 

but this week has been GREAT!!! i cant tell you guys in detail some of the other things that happened, but lets just say that God really has our backs, and is working had to protect us! haha 

love you all sooooo much and i hope you guys have a great week!! you are in my prayers! 

-love Hermana Bri Ihrke

best churros EVER!!!!!

 Pasoli for lunch!!! me, hna Allen, Kiko

all us girls and kiko.... i'm a giant!!!!!!

Selfie Sunday

we are sooo artsy! 

Love you all, BYEEE!!!!!