Monday, April 27, 2015


Ok so this week has been a bit different.... we had a bit of a problem...with LICE!!!!!! 

haha Yup my companion has lice!! haha she has been itching her head for this past transfer! Which means she has had lice for like 6 weeks!!!!!! I luckily haven't gottin it yet! Lucky right? 

So we litterally spent all week cleaning our apartment and our car and we did 10 loads of laundry!!!!! Lots of $$$$$ haha but it's good cause now all my clothes are clean:) haha 

I spent 7 hours of picking lice out of my comps head!!! My bum hurts, my eyes hurt and my arms hurt! But it was a good bonding experience!! haha 

This week has been great though! We meet with a girl named Ciclady and she loves the church and is going to be baptized the 9th of May! We are sooo excited!! 

We had a wedding and a baptism this weekend too!!!! It was great!!! I love hespanic weddings!!! They are the bomb!!  

Then Rafael came to watch the baptism and he said he wants to be baptized super soon!!! Hopefully next week! He is so awesome!! He said he loves coming to church cause he feels like he has a family there:) LOVE HIM!!!  

But yeah this week has been great! Lice and Baptisms! I love being on a mission! It's teaching me so many life lessons (like learning how to pick lice out of peoples heads) and it's helping me to work hard and have more love for everyone!

Love you all so much!!! Remember to thank your Heavenly Father for all you have cause we are seriously soo blessed! :) Love you!

-Hermana Ihrke
​This is all of us and Rafael!!!! He's the BEST!!!! Love that guy! This is his family!

​Wedding!!! bad pic.. I'll send better ones later! 

​This lady knows how to get work done!

Monday, April 20, 2015

When it rains it pours... 4/20/15

OH MY GOSH!!!!! This week has been so AWESOME!!! I can't even tell you! And time is going by so fast right now!! I cant even believe that I am already half way done with my mission!!!! It  makes me sad to think about it:( but I'm so happy that I still have 9 more months! 

SO this week has been absolutely crazy!!! 

Tuesday: WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! IT WAS UNREAL!!! We went to the temple with a couple in our ward! It was so great. when I get there a returned senior missionary asked me to do a name for one of her converts family! So that was pretty cool and she served in Europe so that was even cooler cause I LOVE  Europe!!! haha and I saw some people from the other mission that I knew too. That was cool:) 

 Friday: so for this week we have been riding our bikes:) We were riding our bikes out of our apt. complex and some people came up to us and said "hey yall know there's gonna be a huge storm, it's gonna flood all of houston tonight!" Me and Hna Wood looked at eachother and said "then there is no point in getting our rain jackets." haha so we left. Then an hour later it starts raining. It wasn't too bad, untill an hour later... OH MY GOSH I HAVE NEVER SEEN BIGGER RAIN DROPS IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!  Seriously I've never been more wet!!! I bet people thought we were crazy riding our bikes in that storm. The thunder and lightning was crazy! And soo close to us!! The water came up to our knees while we were biking. we strait up looked like jet skis with our wake coming out of the back of our bikes!!! It was AWESOME!!! (I have videos but I'll have to show yall when I get home:) Eventually the flood was so bad we couldn't bike home so the elders had to come and rescue us! It was a miracle that they even made it in their car... we saw people car bumpers getting ripped off by the water rushing by in the streets. You couldn't  even see the side walks! Everyone was pulled over! Some people couldn't get into their cars because if they opened the door water would flood in! It was CRAZY AND AWESOME! BEST NIGHT EVER!

Saturday the elders prank called us sooo good!! While we weren't looking they changed their number in our phone to say Houston Police dept. so later that night they called and we thought it was the police! They said that we have been charged with trespassing! (if you know me then you would know I've already been charged with that, before my mission) so I was freeking out! haha they took a video of it! It was soo funny! I'll show yall in like 9 months:)

Then on Sunday WE SAVED A LIFE!!! So we were biking to a meeting and while we were heading over we saw a group of kids hanging out (up to no good) then we saw behind them a guy who was lying on the stairs foaming from the mouth and throwing up all over himself. He looked like he was having a seizure! So we called 911 and talked with the kids about what happened. They said he had been smoking synthetic weed and fell from the top of the stairs. We asked why they didn't call 911 yet and they said it was because they were on probation and can't get in trouble. So we waited there untill the ambulance came and they said that we saved this kids life. He was about 15 yrs old:( It makes me so sad! but I'm so happy Heavenly Father put us in the right place at the right time to help him out! Right after that we got another flood warning and we were told to get home asap! So we hauled on our bikes to get home, it was raining so hard and thundering like the other night. But then when we were like 10 min from our house it started HAILING!!! LIKE GOLF BALL SIZED HAIL!!!! IT HURT SO BAD!!!! We have welts all down our arms and our backs! but we made it home alive:) haha Texas is awesome! 

I love my mission sooo much! I can't even tell you how much I have grown! I am so happy to be out here serving the people of Texas and I love being a missionary!!! I love you all so much! Have a great week! And remember to be happy! love you!

-Hermana Ihrke
​The cute family Fernandez! love them!

​Cute sister missionaries we met at the temple! 

​We look like models right? haha jk 

​I look CRAZY!!! And #towhitetohandle #nomakeupfortherestofmymission
​It's our 9 month mark!!! My 9 months for being in my mission and Arturos 9 months for being a member!!! love him!!!

We are celebrating our 9 months and 6 months! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BUENOS DIAS!!!! 4/13/2015

Hola Amigos:)

So this week was awesome and I know I say that almost every week but for realz this week was DOPE! 

So this past monday was a sad day because the dentist told me I had to get a root canal:( and I was really really sad about that (as you can imagine). But then I went to a different dentist and he said that I don't have to get a root canal and he numbed me up and fixed me in like 10 min!  SERIOUSLY AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!!!! THE DR. WAS SOOOO GREAT!!! The church is true:)

So I realized that I haven't been talking too much about the people we have been teaching and alot of people have been asking about them so I'm gonna give yall the low down on these wonderful people!

First we have Rafael: he is AWESOME!!! he's from Honduras and he has a wife and 3 kids all still living in Honduras. He loves the church and the gospel he is just having a hard time making the decision to be baptized but I have no doubt that he will get baptized this week or next:) oh and cool fact, turns out his family in Honduras are all taking the missionary lessons too!!!! Soo happy!!!
Next we have Oscar: he is also from Honduras! He LOVES LOVES LOVES the church! He said that he has been to a lot of churches but he has never felt the way he does when he goes to this church! He loves reading the book of mormon and he will also be baptized super soon:) The only hard thing with him is that his roomates HATE mormons, so we can't go to his apt. but we are praying that his roomates hearts will be softened:) 

We have a lot more investigators but I'll tell you about more of them next week:) 

We did so much service this week!!! It was awesome!!!! We helped out at this MS place... there was a miss print in all of these handouts so we went through and changed all the "11"s to "10"s haha SUPER EXCITING RIGHT??? haha but they appriciated it:) 
Then we volunteered at the Rice University!!!!! I WANT TO GO THERE WHEN I GET HOME! That campus is unbelievably beautiful!!! If you have internet look it up! Cause it's stunning!!! Any way we helped out with this CPR class! I got to keep the blow up doll that you practice on! haha too funny!!! But yeah we had a good time! 

I just want you all to know that I know that this church is true:) seriously I've never been more happy before in my life! I know that through scripture study and prayer I have a better relationship with my Father in Heaven and it brings me so much JOY!!! I also LOVE serving others!!!! Service is one of the best ways to get happy fast! So go out and serve! love you all so much! have a great week! ttyl!

-Hermana Ihrke

Missed this zoo pic! haha 

How many elders does it take to fix my bike??? haha They are the best!!!

​Service at the MS place!!!!

​Look who came to visit!!!! I MISS THEM ALL SOO MUCH!!!!! They are the best!!!!

This is not Matt :)
Oh and ps Elder Matt Webster is my zone leader! haha whaaaa???

HAPPY EASTER!!!! 4/6/2015


This week was so good GENERAL CONFERENCE IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER!!! I'm gonna send some pics right now then write you all after my dentist apointment!  LAME right! haha!!!!!!
(mom talking) Ok so the dental apt was not a short one and it was very stressful!  She was told she needed lots of work done and was a little sad and did not write after her apt.
However she did send these pics before she left!! :)

Zoo trip round 2!!!

​We caught a baby possum!!!! So UGLY!!!!!