Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hola from Texas- September 2, 2014

Hey guys!!!!
Thanks for all the love this week guys!! ive been reading emails for the past like 30min so hopefully I have time to respond to all yall!!! haha
OH MY GOSH IM IN TEXAS!!! you guys.... it is awesome here!!! honestly I had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the schedule at first but I think im good now!! alright well a lot of you probably knew that I had never really known how to ride a bike.... but guess what!! my area is a bike only area!!! so im learning how to ride one really fast! and I LOVE IT!!! biking is the best and I never want to go to a car area EVER!!! haha so my area that im in is called Houston 1, North West! its so great!!! its in the city and its awesome!!! ive been told by some people that this is the sketchiest area... but I think ill be ok!! haha
My companion is THE BEST!!! she is the sweetest most beautiful girl ive ever met!!! I couldn't have asked for a better companion! her name is Hermana Allen and I swear she could be a model! haha we have a lot of fun together but we also get a lot done! haha
so yeah! life here is awesome! the first day I got to my area we went out and taught some investigators! it was great!! they are so sweet! there is this apartment complex that is called Cancun, its a little bit sketchier than the rest... its pretty much like mexico! haha but while we were there we ran into an investigator who had a little to much to drink I think cause he came up behind me and grabbed my waist... my companion started yelling at him in Spanish while I just stood there in shock! there are a lot of drunk people here actually! haha this passed weekend was labor day weekend! so there were parties everywhere!!! ive been proposed to and yelled at and plenty other things! haha but it was all good! I really feel like I have heavenly fathers protection out here!
there is this guy in our ward who got baptized about a year ago and he is the GREATEST GUY EVER!!! his name is kiko! he is an older man who live in the same apartment complex as us and he is just the best!! he brings us food every day and when he doesn't have work he comes with us to appointments! I feel a lot safer riding around when he is there with us!! he acts like our dad!! its the best!!
I have soooo much more to say but Ill save it for next week!!! I love all of you guys soooo much!!! this is going to be the best 18 months of my life!! cant wait to talk to you all next week!! have such a great week and have fun at school!! haha bye!!!

p.s. My computer is being dumb and it won't let me send pictures, so you all will have to wait till next week to see me, but i know you can do it. Haha. Love you guys! 
-Hermana Ihrke