Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference Weekend- October 6, 2014

Hola erry one!

This week has gone by sooooooo FAST!!!! its so crazy how the time works out here! haha but its been a good fun week! right now im just sitting in the library dripping wet because there was like a freak hurricane outside! but now it looks like a perfect sunny day, so people are wondering why i look like i just got out of the shower... AWK haha anyway this week was sooo good! 

Last monday we went to the mall! I LOVE THE MALL!!! im so glad missionaries are allowed to shop cause i love it! haha Also this week we played SOCCER!!!! i cant even tell you all enough how dumb i look playing soccer with all of these mexicans, THEY ARE UNREAL! but i scored a goal!!!!!! we just play in the church parking lot:) it reminds me of playing at byu in the parking garages! haha so fun! 

And we had a service project this week.... now i really love service but this was a whole new level of service. We offered to help a member clean their house. lets just say i am so grateful for my mom and how good she is at cleaning because i have never been more grossed out in my whole life! there were some posters of half naked girls on the walls so of course i go to take them down, and when i did a family of cockroaches fell from behind the poster all over me! i literally was screaming my head off! someone thought that i was getting stabbed! it was AWFUL! but its ok cause i took about 6 showers that day to make sure there werent any hiding in my hair! haha NASTY!

But yeah this week has been great! our car likes to break down a lot... at night...in really sketchy areas... but its ok cause i know that we are being protected! haha Oh and i just found out that the reason that one of our investigators hasnt been home this week is because hes in jail:( so sad!!! but its all good cause we will be here when he gets out! haha 

oh and conference was the best thing in the whole world!!! if any of you haven't gotten the chance to see it you should do that! Remember, "DECISIONS DETERMINE DESTINY" -Thomas S. Monson. I hope you all have the best week ever! Make good decisions and i love you all so much!!! cant wait to hear from you all next week! Love you!

-Love Hermana Ihrke

My soccer crew!

This is how my girl Jess watches conference. Soak it all in Jess!