Monday, March 2, 2015

Museums and Temples 3/2/2015english class!!!

This week has been UNREAL!!! We have been meeting a lot of great people and doing a lot of fun stuff! 

On Monday we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science! It was sooo fun! I love museums so much!!!!! It was so sweet!!! 

Then on Tuesday we met a lot of awesome people and then later that night we played soccer and I SCORED A GOAL!!!!!! What!!!! It was really COOL :) (oh and I was the only girl playing) haha 

Then on wednesday for english class we were learning about clothes and so we had everyone bring clothes that they didn't want anymore to class and we made a store and we used monopoly money! So people could buy the clothes they wanted!  The rest of the clothes we donated to charity! Such a fun day!!!!

Then Thursday we went to the temple with Jessica! It was her first time and it was the BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! The temple is absolutely the most amazing place in the whole world:) I hope everyone gets a chance to go through it someday:)

Then the rest of the days were just busy and we meet many really wonderful people!!! I love my mission so much and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!! 

I hope you all have an amazing week and remember that if you are ever sad/stressed/mad or have other bad feelings, serving others and giving service is the best cure EVER!!! I promise with all my heart that it works! So get out and serve others! love you all so much! 

-Hermana Ihrke

A ​day at the beach!
I Love Science!!!

"shark bate uuu ahhhahhh" 

​it looks like i have a mustache... hahaha  
"i have a big head and little arms"

reach for the stars

I dont know why we took a pic with this... but its a nice flower pot...

awwe you just made me ink!!!!

At the temple with Jess

if you think your having a bad day... think about this guy:(

dont drink and drive folks!!!!

english class!!!