Monday, February 23, 2015

I Miss Pants! 2/23/2015


This week the weather was unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt sooo good! I would stick my head out of the window of our car like a dog and pretend I was driving my convertible! haha so don't judge! But really tho this week was kinda rough.... we knocked A LOT of doors and not alot of poeple were home... but it's ok because we had a fun time doing it! haha 

This week we played soccer and like 3 of our investigators showed up! That was awesome! I LOVE PLAYING SOCCER!!!  (actually I only like playing soccer because thats the only time we are allowed to wear pants!) haha I MISS MY PANTS!!! but it's all good cause I probably wouldn't even fit into my pants anymore! haha 

This week we also went on exchanges! I went on exchanges with sister Oliver! She only speaks english so that was fun!  I translated what she wanted to say:) lol and she is a brand new missionary! She is serving a mini mission here in Texas for 6 weeks! She is awesome!

Today I'm going to the discovery museum!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!! And it's usually $20 but for missionaries we get in for $7!!!! woohoo! look at me savin' $$$$ !! 

Well that's all for now:) I hope you all have the best week ever! And know that your Heavenly Father loves you and so do I! Keep praying cause He's listening! 

Love Hermana Ihrke

"Come unto Christ!" Thats what we do!!! 


I feel like I'm back in Europe! I love it

​The Golden Cow! 


​These boys are all asking me to marry them! and I finally said yes:)

​Random statue pic? why not?

​Too much fun at the museum! haha

chillin with the mummies!

​I Love Houston!

​Me and Sister Oliver! Love her!

Zone meetings are always a party!!!

​Car selfies! can't get enough! haha

These are my favorite people!!!!! hna Alonso and her Beutiful daughter Marian! love them with all my heart!