Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We're gonna have a wedding!!!

Hello Everyone!!! 

This week was sooo good!!! I don't even know where to start!!!!

So our whole appartment is going to be redone! lLike they are going to put in hardwood floors and paint the whole place! I'm stoked! I love hard wood floors!!! anyway... we had to make a copy of our keys so we go to home depot! ONE OF MY FAVORITE STORES EVER! Because it reminds me of my dad:) And I'm gonna tell you alittle about the man who we had the pleasure of meeting!

​Ok this is him, so first off his name: like litterally legit #hepulledouthisID his name is SANTA. what!?!?!? His parents are Native American #theydontgrowfacialhair !!! WHAT?!?!?! He has a dog like a huge dog who's hobby is to find baby deer and bring them back home.... So Santa has 9 deer at his house!!!! And where does he work? Home Depot right? yeah but in the kids section... WHERE HE BUILDS TOYS!!! WHAT?!?!?! 

I'm loosing my mind right? NO! He legit showed us pictures of everything! So be good this year! Cause Santa's REAL:)  

Then later that night we went to have dinner with jess and she taught us how to make SUSHI!!! I'm so excited! I seriously know how to do it! I'm not even lying! 

Then on friday we had a huge miracle happen!!! So we haven't been able to see jose and estrella for a long time (estrella is a member but jose isn't) and we finally got to see them! We taught a cute lesson and then all of a sudden jose was like "ok so how do we get married? Because if I am going to get baptized I have to get married first" LIKE WHAT BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! And their 4 year old daughter Andrea was sooooo excited!!! You guys the church is true and it really does bring families closer together and I am so excited to help one day go to the temple and get sealed together forever!!! Best day ever! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A WEDDING!!!

Then on Friday morning we went to Yasmin's house to help her and her family paint! SO I GOT TO WEAR PANTS!!! And the elders from the other mission came too... haha long story.. Anyway it was soo fun!!!! I love service with all my heart! Almost as much as I love pants... haha

But yeah it was a good week these are just a few of the highlights but if you want the inside scoop on the rest you'll have to write me first:) haha love you all so much! have a great week :)

-Hermana ihrke
Me, Jennifer and Christian

The Crew
Painting with the elders! 

Dentist office this morning! 

Here's the sushi I made!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!!!