Monday, June 1, 2015

Floods, tornados, and A LOT of service!!!!!!! 6/1/2015

~H E L L O~ 


    So this week there was a huge storm!!!!AND a tornado took out one of the apartment complexes in my area! So we went over there to help out and to translate (because 90% of the people who live there only speak Spanish). There were 11 buildings out of the 26 buildings that were destroyed and some people lost everything! It was so sad! But we were just doing what we could to help.   Then the mayor comes and talks to us about what she would like us to do and she thanks us for the work we have done. Then the congressmen also comes and thanks us! It was so cool to be able to help out the community in this simple way! (no worries I got pictures with them but I'll send them next week:) We had 2 members and a few investigators that lived in that complex and none of there apartments were touched! How cool is that! Prayers were defiantly answered:)

    Right after that we had some emergency transfer! It's been crazy, I've had 3 different companions this week and at one point I didn't have one at all... haha but it's all good and now it's me and Hna Wood and Hna Huntsman :) We are having a great time! We are part english because we are taking her area and ours, so we are ZEBRA (spanish and english) it's awesome! 

     That night we had a sleep over with a bunch of other sisters because we were going to the temple the next day. But there was so much thunder and lightning no one could sleep. We woke up to some screaming from downstairs we looked out the window and you wouldn't even believe what we saw! (no worries I got pictures!) There was water that went over the windshield of our car! It was crazy! So then we went down to help some people move there stuff from the 1st floor to the 2nd and in the process Hna Sanchez cut her foot in the water on some broken glass.... and that water is SO DIRTY!!!! toilets were overflowing and so much nasty stuff was in that water!!! So we knew we needed to get her to the hospital ASAP! Her cut was super deep and super long! We cleaned it and stuff. But the only way out of the apartment was to take a boat!!! YEAH A BOAT!!!! For some reason she wasn't allowed to go in a boat, so after 10 hours of waiting for the water to go down we went searching for the nearest spot that wasn't flooded so we could get a car in to take her to the hospital! After a while we did it and she got 9 stitches and she is doing very well:) If you were wondering if we made it to the temple, we didn't! We lost 6 missionary cars that day, including mine... and the water was inside the car all the way to the dashboard. So we lost all our gps's (sorry dad) IT WAS CRAZY!!!!! 

   For the rest of the week we have just been doing A LOT of service, helping out red cross and helping people that were effected by the flood.  Shout out to Walmart for donating cleaning supplies and food to help us help others! And a huge shout out to the girl scouts who gave us lunch and girl scout cookies and all the wonderful people who have been giving us food and water when we forget to eat it's so cool to see the people who weren't effected by the flood come and give there time and energy helping those who were effected! POEPLE ARE SO GREAT! :)   I'll tell you more about it next week cause I have absolutly no time! But I just want to say that SERVICE IS SO AWESOME!!! Seriously the recipe for being happy is SERVE OTHERS! It makes everything better:)

    My birthday was also awesome and I just want to say thanks to all of my good friends from H1 nand H2 who made it the best day ever! We had a blast! One of the best birthdays by far!!! 

    I love you all so much and I can't wait to tell you more about my crazy week next week! Hope to hear from yall soon:) 

    -Hermana Ihrke

... warning lots of pictures to come :)

We ​got our keys off the roof finally! (dont even ask how they got up there...)

Just ​working for the city!!! Sooo cool!

​This is the view from my apt... thank goodness we are on the 3rd floor!!! Too bad our cars weren't...

​This is inside the 1st floor of our apt.... good thing it didn't get to our mail!! haha!

​This guy is a legend!

​Walking around trying to find dry land!!!!

​Temple trip!! We made it!

​Look who came and surprized me on my bday! Oh yeah and we had church in our work clothes today! Church was only and hour and then we went out and served! And the MAYOR SPOKE AT OUR CHURCH!!! SO CRAZY!!!!