Monday, June 15, 2015

E S P E R A N S A S D R E A M ! ! ! ! 6/15/15

 = H E L L O =

Oh my goodness so this week has been so crazy and sooo fun! 

I don't even know where to start,

Monday- went to the Galleria! Got my shop on, so if im wearing new clothes... thats why:) After that we had an awesome family home evening with the VIllas and the Olayas, and we brought our investigator Marcos. We taught about the iron rod and made a path with a bunch of string and then we blindfolded people and made them follow the "iron rod" haha it was way too funny seeing everyone try to walk around with blindfolds on in a tiny apartment! but it was great! 

Wednesday- we had a unexpected exchange and Hna Bird came to me and Hna Wood and we did a Bunch of service! than we met with this awesome girl named Lauren! She's 19 and so dang cute!!! We got frozen yogurt and talked about the church! She loved it and during the prayer she just started crying because she could feel the spirit so strong! It was awesome:) Then April (a 14 year old less active girl) came to young womens for the 1st time in forever!! And shes going to go to girls camp!! So exciting! 

Thursday- we saw Ciclady, an investigator, and her brother in law was there and turns out that he's a member and is so excited to introduce his family to the church! Sooo happy! 

Friday- we DEMOLISHED a house... the only thing standing were the support beams and the roof. It was awesome!!! I have some sweet vids of me taking out some cabinets with a huge mallet thing, and using a saw :) It was fun!!

Saturday-  we had the coolest experience!! We were teaching Esparanza, she mostly only speaks Swahili and French but we have been teaching her English. We were talking to her about temples and we showed her a picture of the salt lake temple and she looked at it and looked at us and said "the other night after I fasted about being baptized, I had a dream of this place (pointing to the temple) and my ancestors were telling me to go into it." She said that she knows she needs to go to the temple to help her family who has passed away and she will be getting baptized really soon:) Then we had a baptism for Molly ( a recent convert's daughter) It was sooo awesome! I lead the music:) haha 

Sunday- we had an investigator devotional and Rafael and Oscar both bore their testimonies!!! It was so unbelievably awesome I feel like a proud mom or something! haha they are great!! 

Monday (today) - found out that Hna Wood is being transfered and I'm getting a new comp, I find out who on Wednesday. And we found out that there is going to be a flood worse than the last one so we are evacuating our apartment and going to live somewhere else for a few days:) super fun right? haha It'll be great! I'm just worried for the people who are going to get round  #2 of the flood after we helped clean everything up! But It'll be good:) 

Love you all so much, sorry for the long email but being a missionary is so great! You should try it if you haven't already:) have a good week!

love Hermana Ihrke
Molly's baptism!!! She's the cutest!!!

​My district! we <3 service!

Mountains of cockroaches fell out of the wall when we took it out.... nasty!! 

Frozen yogurt with Lauren!!! Love this girl!

Ripping up some floors!

working hard


Reunited !!!

selfies :)