Thursday, May 14, 2015

HAPPY MOTHERSDAY!!!! 5/11/2015


You guys, this week was so AWESOME!!!!  

Happy late mothers day to all you mothers out there! Especially the best mother in the world (you know who you are;) 

So this week has been a bit crazy! We moved into our new apartment this week and it is going good! There were 5 elders who lived there before us so the cleanliness wasn't quite to a womans expectations, but no worries cause I have 2 little bro's and I don't really care, just spray some bleach on it and it's good! 

This week we also got fed A LOT!! I've never felt so full in my life!!! But that's when you know people really love you:) haha 

We have been teaching a guy named Ismael. He is soo excited to get baptized he just needs to wait for a letter back from "Tommy Monson" and he will be in that water by July 4:) so excited!!! 

Sunday was bomb! Oscar was confirmed at church and even bore his testimony after! He told about how he knows this church is the true church of God and how much he appreciates us bringing this into his life! Best feeling ever!!!! 

Then we went to skype the fam!!! It was sooooo good! It didn't even feel real! They are all getting either so big (the boys) or so small (my mom and dad) it's crazy!! 

Then after that...... RAFAEL GOT BAPTIZED!! He was soooo excited and it was one of the best baptisms ever! He was cheesin sooo hard! You'll have to see the pics!! He is so excited to be a member:) 

This week has been amazing and I just want to say thanks to everyone for the prayers and love! I love being a missionary! Even if you don't have the opportunity to be a full time missionary you can still be a missionary where ever you are! Look for more opportunities to serve in your community and go out with the missionaries when you have a free hour! I promise you will feel more love for others and feel the love Heavenly Father has for you! 

Love you all so much! Have a great week and talk to you next week:)

~Hermana Ihrke
Homies from H1 came to support!!! love these guys!!! 

​My gurrl Yoltzin! Happy Mothers day:) 

Rafael!!! This guy is ripped!!!

She was a good apartment!

​Look at how happy he was after he was baptized! He didn't even have the words to explain!!! So cute!!!