Friday, October 17, 2014

Mission Life is Good- October 15, 2014


I hope everyone is having a great week!!!! i had the best week! its going by way too fast though!!! ive already been out here for 3 MONTHS!!! it feels like ive been out here for 3 weeks! I dont wanna go home yet!!! haha but seriously the time is flying by! I LOVE IT OUT HERE!!!! alot happened this week! it was another crazy week. But legally im not allowed to talk about some of it:) haha 
but seriously... :)

This week was kikos birthday!!! it was sooooo fun!!! we went to the Favelas house and we helped hermana Favela make Chili rieno! OH MY GOSH IT IS TO DIE!!! haha and then kiko got his face smashed into the cake! i love hespanic traditions!! haha the cake was UNREAL!!! it was a chocolate tres leche!!!! YUMMMM!!! 

a member of the quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us! it was super cool!!!! i meet a bunch of people that live near me and know of me somehow? idk but it was really cool to get to hang with a bunch of the missionaries, cause we dont get to see them alot. AND I SAW ELDER MATT WEBSTER!!!! he is doing so great! speaking his asian language! haha i forgot what its called but it starts with a 'B' haha:) but yeah this week has been great!!! i love you all sooo much! have the best week ever!!! 

-Love Hermana Ihrke

Kiko and I

me at the Favelas making some Chili Rieno!

We know how to party!

Me and Elder Webster! loved seeing him!!!! 

Bonfire parties are the best!

Eating soup with a bunch of unknown meat! haha love it here

Thanks mom for the decorations!