Monday, April 27, 2015


Ok so this week has been a bit different.... we had a bit of a problem...with LICE!!!!!! 

haha Yup my companion has lice!! haha she has been itching her head for this past transfer! Which means she has had lice for like 6 weeks!!!!!! I luckily haven't gottin it yet! Lucky right? 

So we litterally spent all week cleaning our apartment and our car and we did 10 loads of laundry!!!!! Lots of $$$$$ haha but it's good cause now all my clothes are clean:) haha 

I spent 7 hours of picking lice out of my comps head!!! My bum hurts, my eyes hurt and my arms hurt! But it was a good bonding experience!! haha 

This week has been great though! We meet with a girl named Ciclady and she loves the church and is going to be baptized the 9th of May! We are sooo excited!! 

We had a wedding and a baptism this weekend too!!!! It was great!!! I love hespanic weddings!!! They are the bomb!!  

Then Rafael came to watch the baptism and he said he wants to be baptized super soon!!! Hopefully next week! He is so awesome!! He said he loves coming to church cause he feels like he has a family there:) LOVE HIM!!!  

But yeah this week has been great! Lice and Baptisms! I love being on a mission! It's teaching me so many life lessons (like learning how to pick lice out of peoples heads) and it's helping me to work hard and have more love for everyone!

Love you all so much!!! Remember to thank your Heavenly Father for all you have cause we are seriously soo blessed! :) Love you!

-Hermana Ihrke
​This is all of us and Rafael!!!! He's the BEST!!!! Love that guy! This is his family!

​Wedding!!! bad pic.. I'll send better ones later! 

​This lady knows how to get work done!