Wednesday, February 11, 2015

That was probably dangerous... 2/9/2015

This week has been so crazy! But way fun!!!! 

So this week we were just getting into our car at about 9:00 pm in a really scketchy area of Houston, when all of a sudden a guy starts running to our car, I immediately locked the doors and he starts yelling at us he said "HEY I NEED THE DIRECTIONS TO THE CHURCH!!!" so a little confused i decided to open the door to get out and talk to him:) looking back that probably was dangerous but its all good:) He told us that he has been waiting for us to come back to the car for like 3 hours so he could talk to us, he is a member of the church but hasn't gone for like 3 years and now he really wants to start going back! He told us that he was quitting his job so that he could go to church on sunday and with his last pay check he is going to buy a white shirt and a tie so he could come out and teach with us!!!  He is UNREAL!!  He has such a strong testimony and has already been teaching his friends about the gospel:) 

Also this week we were walking in an apt. complex and there were a bunch of workers painting a building and we got a bunch of whistles and "hey mommy" haha and normally we just keep walking but this time I decided to talk to them (they were freaking out that we could speak spanish:) haha and we just started talking about the church:)  It was soooo funny because at the end of the lesson we just had like 10 workers huddled around us talking about the gospel! just picture it! BEST THING EVER! and alot of them are super interested! haha sooo great!!!!

Oh and I got sick this week too! But no worries cause I'm up and running now:)

Alot more happened this week but I have sooo many pictures so I'm gonna cut this short:)

God loves you all so much! And so do I! Have a great week! 

-Hermana Ihrke

If you wanna find the secret to happiness look here : Mosiah 2:41 

There was one really cold day this week! Beanie weather! 

Look at these cute kids playing ICE HOCKEY in the middle of the mall! haha love it:)

CPK!!! (California pizza kitchen!) MY FAVE!!!!

Big shout out to kiko! this past monday was his 1 year anniversary being a member of the church! love you Kiko!

                 That ukulele tho!
Da Girlz

My future ride!


Shout out to all the friends and Fam making my Vday the Bestest!

​Killin'um with kindness!

Eddie Cole erryone!

It's always a fun day on Sunday!

They love our weekly selfies!!!

Happy anniversary to Kiko!

Stunning view out of the Hospital! 


​Its sooooo Nice Today!


Morning Drive today in the city! 

Shout out to chubby Buddha!

Visiting pearland!

Visited a little garden place! I'm turning into my MOM! haha Love you mom!