Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Pres. day! And it's my 7 month day! wooohooo 2/16/2015

Hey!   I don't have much to wirte about this week... so I'm just gonna write a really awesome letter next week! haha I know your all super sad about it right? Don't worry I'll be here next week and the week after that and the week after that... and so on:) 

Love you all with all my heart! Have the best week! 
Hermana Ihrke
Me,Hna Heckel, and Elder Anderson! Such great humans!

Happy v-day from me and my homie Alex!

Please pray for Hna Potter, she is such an example to me! I love her with all my heart! 

​No ones looking but me! haha

Can you spot the awkward part of this pic...?

Our cute engish class vday party!!!! So yummy!!!!

This guy has more swag than his little boys can handle!

Sunday photo shoot!

Sunday is fun day for some people!!!  hahaha

Me and my third eye:) haha idk we are all crazy! ps I made that balloon animal that you see the kid holding in the background! I found my new profession! 

Getting toasty!!! love you all!! have a great week!

English class Valentines Party!! Tres leche is my FAVE!!!
hahahaha this is the worst pic ever! but I know it'll make someone laugh... I'm holding a ferrett!!!