Monday, November 3, 2014

This week was.......... different 11/3/2014


oh my gosh so this week was unlike anything ive experienced before... 

So on Monday i was thinking to myself how lucky ive been because i havent been sick for the past like two years! then bam... the next day i was down for the count! lets just say i spent all of Tuesday on the toilet with my head in the trash can.... yeah at the same time if you catch my drift! sorry if that was too much information but that just gives you a taste of how i felt this week! haha but its ok cause it only lasted for about 10 hours:) 

Then the next day we had exchanges! it was awesome!!! then the next day Hna Allen was really sick and had to go on "vacation" for a few days so that they could figure out what was wrong with her... so i got a new companion for the weekend and GUESS WHO IT WAS???? HNA REIS!!!!! my mtc companion!!! how cool is that!?! haha so this week has been pretty crazy! 

we had a fun Halloween! i got some sweet pics (coming soon) we also tried to teach a group of really drunk guys ... it was pretty entertaining! haha We have a return appointment! haha so we will see how that goes! 

then this Sunday David was confirmed! i have never seen anyone so happy before!!!! i just cant even tell you how much i love being on a mission and how much i have learned already!!! i still have a lot of learning to do! haha but this experience has been on of the best experiences of my whole life!!!! MISSIONS ARE THE BEST! 

love you all so much and i hope you are all not stressing too bad with midterms and stuff! i pray for you all everyday! have the best week ever! love you!

-Love hermana Bri Ihrke 
zone meeting 10/31/2014
 Consuelo Hna Ries and me ...... joey in the corner
 HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!!  just wanted a pic with a bunch of different people!!  haha gotta love it!

 Oh yeah  I was a lady bug for halloween!!!!!  Thanks mom!

 Reunited and it feels so good!!!!!  (with Hna Ries

 Giving it our sunday best!! (yes I am a giant compared to everyone else)

Learning how to cook some quality mexican food!!!!!! 

Well thats all for this week!! Days are getting colder! Need to get some winter clothes!!  HAHAHA (JK MOM)