Monday, November 17, 2014

STAYING HERE! 11/17/2014

IM STAYING HERE IN MY SAME AREA WITH HNA ALLEN!!! im so excited!  I love my area and my comp so much!!!!!!! 

haha any way! this week was kinda slow and not much happened... other than the fact that it was the coldest ive ever been in my whole life! seriously i would rather go skiing in a bikini than bike in texas in the cold. the humidity makes you feel like your blood is frozen! its not even funny! 

so i wore about 3 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of socks, and 6 layers of shirts! haha i couldnt move, let alone ride my bike... so i fell a few times:) haha but it was fun! 

im doing great and im super excited for thanksgiving! i cant believe how fast the time is flying! i have been out for FOUR MONTHS! i only have 14 more:( its making me sad! haha but ill get over it! i love you all soooo much! have the best week ever!

-Love Hermana Ihrke

 missionary mobil!!!  haha!

 our biking outfits

 you guys didn't believe me when I said it was cold?

 Im pretty sure some people thought I was a terrorist.........

 Ummmm not a huge cat fan but this cat was too funny to pass by without a picture!! haha

 Hugest cockroach I ever saw!!!

 selfies!!  LOVE HNA ALLEN!!!