Sunday, August 17, 2014

One Month Down, 17 to go!!!!- August 15, 2014

hola erryone! 

This week has been soooo great!!! I dont even know where to start! i have already been out here for a month but it only feels like ive been out here for a week! i cant believe i only have 17 more months to go !!! its going by way to fast!!!!

Anyway this week has been full of some crazy exciting things:) haha so there was a huge out break of salmonella (i think thats how you spell it) haha but yeah everyone has been getting so sick and there was also this virus going around that made you feel like you were dying... haha i have no idea what it was but man some people looked like they were on their death bed!!! haha GOOD THING I DIDNT GET SICK!!!! it was a freaking miracle! i should probably knock on wood... but i think im pretty safe:) 

This week we also fasted for an elder in our branch who has some pretty serious depression and anxiety, he might have to go home if he doesnt start feeling better soon.. so we fasted that he would have the strength to stay out here! hes a really good kid so im pulling for him:) 

Something that was really embarrassing happened to me this week... i was giving a lesson to my investigator person and i was getting really into it and i was saying how our message is one of hope and love and i was just doing so well! then all of a sudden my investigator starts laughing so hard... i had no idea what i said !!! he didnt tell me untill later that night in front of the whole class. Turns out i didnt say what i thought i said:) so the word in spanish for message is mensaje and the word for massage is masaje. so when i thought i was saying i have a message of love for you... i really said i have a massage of love for you!!!!!!! oh my gosh !!! hahaha so embarrassing!!! but everyone thought it was really funny... i went bright red!!! hahaha it was pretty good.

In other news i made three half court shots in a row the other day and i cleaned the bathroom for my service project! life is GOOD!!!!  i also met a guy from texas who says he has some referrals for me!!! he also said that i need to buy cowboy boots when i get to texas... what did i get my self into???? haha jk im gonna rock those cowboy boots!!! haha but yeah my life is great and it is honestly getting better and better each day!!!! I LOVE MEXICO!!!! but im sooo excited for texas!!! love you all and i hope you are having a great week!!!! still havent gotten any letters so im just assuming all your guys letters just got last in the mail! haha jk love you guys!!! bye! 

-love Hermana Ihrke

this is my friend elder jenks... probably the funniest guy on the planet... he was really sad today cause he had to get his hair cut... i tried to cheer him up but i dont think it worked:) haha

this is my bathroom... it doesnt look too bad in this pic... to bad you cant see the nasty bathtub that doesnt drain ...ever you are literally racing to hurry in the shower so that you dont overflow the bathtub.... its freaking nasty!!! but i love it with all of my heart!!!

on our selfie game!!!!!

me and my crew playing a nice game of vball! love all this crazy kids!!!