Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mexico City Baby!!- August 1, 2014

Hola Everyone!!!! 
oh my gosh i would just like to start by saying that i am having the absolute best itme of my life here at the mexico missionary training center!!!!! this place is beyond beautiful and everyone here is so sweet and kind!!! everyone is asking about the food so im just going to tell you all that the food here in the mexico mtc is UNREAL!!!!! i havent gotten sick from it once so whoever told me that was a liar:) haha but this week has been great! ive been really busy trying to learn spanish and im doing pretty good at it but i still struggle. (honestly i just quote nacho libre alot and call that spanish) haha but yeah this sunday i gave a talk in church on repentance and i gave it all in spanish:) everyone said i did a great job but i dont think they understood anything i said. the word repentance in spanish is the hardest word to pronounce ever!!! haha but yeah today me and a bunch of other people went to the temple today and we got a tour of the visitor center and it was amaizing!!! it was nice to be outside the walls of the mtc for a bit! the city is soo colorful and so full of life. i LOVE IT HERE!!!! haha oh and almost everyone from lone peak is here and everyone i knew from byu is here too so its like a huge party!!!!! my companion is still awsome and i love her to death!!! weve been practicing teaching investigators in spanish and it is so cool that even though i cant speak the lanuage really well,they can still feel the spirit:) But yeah life is great and i dont really know what else to write about:) ask me questions cause i would love to write yall back:) miss you all! but i love it out here and im going great! write me and send me pics!!!!! love you all!!!!!