Sunday, August 10, 2014

Halfway done with the MTC!- August 8, 2014

well hey guys... i just wrote the longest best email ever to yall and then my computer shut down and deleted it all.... i am on the verge of tears!!!! but not really... time is limited to email so that was kind of a bummer!!!! haha anyway 

i just finished playing the best game of vball of my life!!! it was so great!!! i love it here so much!! i know i keep saying that but honestly i cant get over how much i am loving my life here!!!! so much has happened this week its been the  BEST WEEK EVER!!! haha 

but let me start out with the worst thing that happened to me this week and that was that my straighter exploded.... but if thats the worst thing that has happened to me than i think im doing pretty good!!! haha 

so two days ago my teacher was really late to class and he said he was late because he had been robbed... we all thought he was mesing with us!  TURNS OUT HE WASNT!!!  he was robbed at gunpoint and all the guy took was his phone. the best part was that my teacher, hermano sainze, asked the guy if he could keep his simcard!!! haha the guy put his hand on the trigger ready to shoot and then a car came by so the robber ran off!! MEXICO IS CRAZY!!! but i love it sooooo much!!!!! 

there was a devotional on marriage this week but i slept through it.... i dont need to learn about marriage till like 20 years from now anyway:) haha

oh my goah so i keep seeing this one guy everywhere(like he is following me or something) and he knows my name but i keep forgetting his, anyway last time i saw him he was like "hey so im not writing anyone and i was just wondering if i could get your email" i was like WHAT THE FREEK ELDER!!! haha and i walked away! lolol too funny. 

the best thing that happened this week was when i was teaching elder lunt and elder johnson. as investigators they had to make up profiles and pretend that we have somekind of problem in our life that we need help with. so they decided to be brothers and one (elder johnson) was mentally handicapped (not in real life tho)... so we walked in and asked them what there names were and elder lunt said "my name is juan" and elder johnson )the handicapped one) said "NACHO!!!!" oh my gosh i lost it!! i was laughing so hard!!! all throughout the lesson he would randomly yell out even during the prayer he was talking and yelling!!! i was literally peeing my pant laughing soooo hard!!! hahaha we asked if he had any concerns in his life and he said that he was hungry!!! haha and then we asked what the most important thing in his life was and he said FOOD!!! haha too funny it was the best!! 

oh my gosh you guys i love it here so much!!!!! i have ran into so may people i know here!!! everyone from my byu ward is here!! like joel, ryan smith, rod green, and one of the otto twins also sierra kinkade and cadden cluff, ali smoot and some other people that im forgetting about right now:) haha but life is soooo great !!! i miss you all so much but i wouldnt want to be anywhere but here!!! i hope to hear from you all next week!! love you all sooooo much!!! bye!!!

love Hermana Briana haha jk Hermana Ihrke :)

 Favorite cookies! They taste like chips ahoy but 1000000 x better!