Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mtc Life- July 25, 2014

Hi Family and Friends, 
Oh my gosh I got so many emails from friends and family. Its crazy! Thanks so much for sending your love:) I’m having the most fun I have ever had before!! Honestly this is the most beautiful place. This computer is hard to type on cause the space bar rarely works... Ok where to start? First off I love and miss you all so much but I know I'm helping you more being out here than I would be if i were home with you:) So this week was amazing! My p-day is really late because we were the biggest amount of missionaries that has ever come to the Mexico MTC before!! It was really crazy but so much fun!!! Ok so I talked to this amazing woman on the plane to Mexico and she was telling me all about her trails but she was so positive about it it was unreal! She has cancer and a lot of other health issues but she is an addiction counselor because her brother dies of an over dose and she wants to help families with their problems! Seriously the sweetest woman ever! She has heard a little about the church but not much and I told her a little bit about the church and she pretty much agrees with everything that we believe in;) She is the sweetest. So i have a funny story, so my room was really hot and i have a window next to my bed so i decided to open it and it felt great. so i left it open all day while i went to class and when i came back my room smelled to bad i thought something strait up died in my room!!!! it was freaking awfull.and this smell was there for like three days finaly i decided to look and see where the smell was coming from and it was coming from my window so i went outside to check it out and there was this huge rotting pidgon that was being eaten by bugs maggots and im pretty sure rats had eaten out his eyes!!! So i had some of the elders in my district come and clean it up for me:) it was funny but nasty! but life here is amazing even though theres not hot water and the tub fills up while you take a shower so you have to hurry or it will over flow:) the food here is great and the people here are even better!!! we play vball all the time and my district is absolutlely amazing i love them all so much!  My companion is sooooooooo great we are so similar we love talking and joking around!!!! Honestly I got sooo lucky to get her! Well i miss all of you!!! Talk to you soon! 

 My district.... studying 

 This guy is 6'7!!!