Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Street Art 1/12/15

Hola y buenos dias amigos!

This week has been off the hook! haha this week we have had a lot of awesome experiences and there have been a lot of changes! and IT HAS BEEN FREEZING!!!! I literally have been wearing 4 pairs of fleece leggings a minimum of 6 long sleeve shirts and my jacket that makes me look like a walking marsh mellow! I seriously look like I'm getting ready for the next ice age, but I dont care! as long as I'm warm:) haha 

Sad news... Nayeli moved:( I'm super sad about it but I know it will be for the best! Because now she is going back to school and she will be so much happier! but I'm gonna miss her like crazy! 

Good news...we found a guy named Elvis! haha and he speaks spanish! I don't know why but thinking about his name makes me so happy! haha and get this, his dads name is Elvis too!!! hahaIi dont know why I think its funny, but I do:) haha

So this week we had a cool experience, I really wanted to take pictures of this cool street art place, and I still don't know if it was a spiritual prompting or if it was just me wanting to go take pics(probably the last one)...but when we got there we saw JOEL! haha he was just chillin with his homies out side of this night club place! WE HAVE SERIOUSLY BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS GUY FOR LIKE 6 STRAIT WEEKS!! no joke! and we found him! and we had the opportunity to talk to his crew about JC! haha it was really cool, and the fact that all of this took place outside of a night club made it even that much better! 

Oh and best part of my week was that someone asked me if I was part hispanic, because my accent was so good! Who cares if he was drunk!  Best compliment eva! 

Alright ya'll I hope you have a great week! I love you all so much! 

les quiero mucho :)

-Hermana ihrke 
or as the Hispanics pronounce it,
-Hermana Enrique
​Joel can't hide from us!


​Stoplight selfies

Alex! What a champ!

​Shout out to Tomas getting his mish call! so excited to see where your gonna go:)

Stake conference:) #lotsofchanges!!!!!!